What You Think You’ve Learned So Far

This world was born by a rift in the planes which allowed raw magical energy from the elemental planes to spill out into the prime material plane. What caused this rift is unknown to you. You know that powerful energy crystals result from the collision of these energies, the largest of which seems to be the sentient “mind” of the world, a massive crystalline structure around which the elements have formed into a planet.

Just as many of the life forms of this planet apparently stem from the powerful energies of the planet, they have also sought to harness and control its power. The easiest way to do that had been to use the energy crystals, known as Life Blood Crystals, formed by the rift to the planes, otherwise known as the Heart of the planet. However, when the rift was closed to protect the inhabitants of the planet from the dangerous beings that reside in the elemental planes, Life Blood Crystals were no longer being created. This caused the inhabitants of the planet to mine deeply into the planet in search of them, causing damage to the support structure of the world which in turn caused instability to the Obscura, which is the barrier separating the elemental lands, as well as the crystalline underworld, which resides in tunnels that run throughout the interior of the world and contains the souls of creatures that used to live there.

In an attempt to answer the needs of the life forms on the planet, the Mind of the world had used their wishes to create three gods that would represent their primary interests. The gods granted abilities to both native life forms and newcomers alike that fell within their specific domains, and the inhabitants of the world turned to their gods as opposed to energy crystals to answer their prayers. However, the gods were born of naïve, selfish interests and so were naïve and selfish themselves, and when they failed to stop the strife in the world, the creatures stopped looking to the gods to solve their problems.

With most of the gods weak from lack of worship, the energy of the elemental lands drained, and the supply of energy crystals running low, the world was in bad shape. That’s when a band of heroes united to save it. With guidance from some of the more knowledgeable resources available (the monks, who were guardians of the border between the animals of the Great Forest and the Wildlands, and Sarin, ruler of the Wildlands), the heroes first visited the Goddess of the Sea, the only god remaining with much power, to see if she would help. With old betrayals still strong in her memory, however, she was not interested in helping the creatures of the land.

So they continued on to see if they could convince the technologically advanced animals of the Great Forest to cease their mining operations. The animals agreed to temporarily suspend digging while the party tried to repair the damage done to the Elemental Lands. Since the Wolf God, the old god of the worlds’ predators, was trying to fix things by starting a war in an effort to regain power, the group concocted a plan to simultaneously destroy his army while channeling its energy into the Elemental Lands in order to heal it and restore the Obscura.

The heroes enlisted the aid of an old friend, the Fire Prince, ruler of the Land of Fire within the Elemental Lands, to set their plan into motion. However, Sarin appeared to have manipulated them to his own ends, and although the plan worked, Sarin used the battle to become the new God of the Predators.

The heroes weren’t done, though. One of them utilized an ancient ritual to spread sentience to the insect population of the world in order to increase worship for the Great Stag, god of prey, then another of the heroes helped Sarin with his own plans to increase worship. The world was suddenly healed once again, had three strong gods in tentative balance, and there were options for energy sources that did not require Life Blood Crystals, but what would be best for the world… who should they trust?


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