A Farewell To Old Friends & Enemies

By The People, For The People

Spirit bear

The party awoke feeling energized. In fact, the entire Mind of the World felt energized. The rift they had left open in the volcano had started pulling energy from the Elemental Lands down through the crystal conduit tunnels. Apparently the Fire Prince had either failed to close the rift or had not gotten there yet. Assuming the latter, the party followed Grizzly’s Bear to a nearby cavern to meet with The Great Stag and the Goddess of the Sea in order to forge an alliance.

Despite their best efforts, unfortunately, the Goddess seemed uninterested in assisting any land creatures. They did learn that the Gods were true representatives of their followers, however, and it was simply because he only had the most battle hungry of followers remaining that the Wolf God had become increasingly focused on war to regain power. If the people of the Wildlands returned to following the Wolf God, they could revert his focus back to protecting the predator way of life and perhaps bring it back to the lands that had lost a sustainable method of survival.

In order to do that, though, they had to move quickly back to the Land of Fire and make sure the Fire Prince didn’t kill the Wolf God. What’s more, the party theorized that the Fire Prince might actually be in a position to take on the Wolf God’s power if he was able to slay Him, and even Frank agreed that might not be a good thing.

A New God

Elemental army

The party followed Grizzly’s Bear through a network of caves back up into the Land of Ash. Frank created a sled to transport them safely and quickly. As the ash cleared, they finally saw what had kept the Fire Prince from closing the rift. A great battle was raging between the armies of the Wolf God and the Fire Prince. Frank directed the sled up into the air to get a better vantage point but the extra strain on the ‘runners’ caused them to explode. Butterfly acted quickly and kept her non-flying comrades from floating off then they all scanned the battlefield.

They located the mage who was supposed to open the rift and channel the enemy Fire Elemental army down into the crystal conduits. He was beset by a ring of elementals so Butterfly, Fargrim and Sy’Vah-esh went to assist him long enough to let him cast his spell. Meanwhile, Frank flew towards where the Wolf God and Fire Prince were battling. The mage’s spell casting was successful, but Frank’s initial attempts at physical intervention were not.

Fearing words would prove to be a deadly distraction, Frank tried a different tactic and fired his elemental laser at the Wolf God. It seemed to give Him a boost in power, however, and he suddenly struck the Fire Prince down. The prince desperately thrust his flaming sword deep into the Wolf, but the god survived the final attack and ripped the prince apart.

The other party members had noticed Sarin watching from above and decided not to act, unsure of his motives. Sarin flew down as the prince and god were finishing their battle, drawing his mighty sword as he descended, then cleaved into the Wolf God, destroying him. Sarin then smiled at the party and vanished with Frank looking on in horror at what had just transpired.

The elemental armies had primarily been sucked through the rift, and bolstered by the influx of power, the Mind healed the Obscura and Elemental Lands, closing the rifts. Although still planning to perform the ritual to bring intelligence to insectkind and empower the Great Stag to finish healing the world, the party figured they’d better check to see whether Sarin would prove dangerous to the Great Stag before He expended all of His new follower granted power.

They traveled to the tower at the center of the City of a Thousand Skulls and found the vines were no longer covering the walls or hallway within. Butterfly was relieved, however, to find Sarin had kept their Sacred Flower Guardian alive and was chatting with it on his throne. Sarin also assured them that although he was the new God of the Predators, he had no interest in attacking the Great Stag when He was weak. Whether it was because he was already the ruler of the general Wildlands populace or simply not one of the original gods, he did not seem to be under the spell of war that the Wolf God had been.

So the party continued to the Hall of Communication where Butterfly called the insects to her and the Great Stag bestowed intelligence upon them. He then healed the world and, turning into a butterfly, He and Butterfly flew away together. Frank was in a state of mourning and wanted to spend some time in the monastery, so before the party made their way to the technological animal cities to finish dealing with their concerns there, they decided to part ways for a short time to help each of their different people through these new times.

Fargrim went to convert his people into followers of Sarin, who promised to provide new energy crystals in return. Sy’Vah-esh went to establish relations between her people and the new ruler of the Land of Fire, the mage. New Moon had an urgent desire to return to their people, to see the current chieftain in particular. But they would all meet again soon to continue their mission to reverse the destruction of their world and right the wrongs that had been done to them and their friends or loved ones.


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