And So A New Era Begins

Power In The Palm Of His Hand

Power stone

Having learned Mirg Rockbiter had been taken captive by the secret circle of 13 arcane animals that rule the technologically advanced cities of the Great Forest, the intrepid adventurers reunited once more to rescue him. Sarin gave them a spirit that was skilled in the power of possession but warned them that he was dangerous. The spirit helped them slip past the guards undetected, but had a rather horrifying sense of humor, forcing Frank to feel the need to destroy him when the mission was complete.

Frank used his memories of being captured by the animals of the city 100 years in the past to find where they might be keeping Mirg. Thankfully he was being kept in the same facility, and the party was able to successfully free him. Surprisingly, however, he was not the only captive. A flood of memories rushed over Frank as he beheld Lini, a female Tinker Gnome whom he had invented with and become very close to 300 years ago while they were both being held captive. Lini appeared to have not aged a day, and even more amazingly, she seemed to have overcome the curse of having her inventions constantly fail or behave in surprising ways.

Together they fled into the forest, but were quickly pursued by the animal mages. The party prepared for a fight they didn’t know if they could win, when Fargrim announced he was the emissary of Sarin. Surprisingly, the leader of the circle, a rather sinister snake in black robes, backed off quickly, apparently having some sort of history with Sarin. When Fargrim pushed further, the mage acquiesced to starting to use Sarin’s energy crystals and allow the church of Sarin to be established in the cities.

Finally safe from the circle, the adventurers headed north towards the ruins of a craft that once flew through the stars, a place of advanced technology where Frank and Lini had learned much in the past and was the source of the animals’ tech. Frank was remembering more and more now, and believed he may have learned the secret of propulsion for the great ship, which used a system of energy conversion that could be useful to this world, or perhaps just escaping it…


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