Big Mouths and Godstorms

St99999999999vvvvvvv1qbbbbbbbbbbb2aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghjj arship hovering after destruction of the big nasty. Gorilla guards flying fighter-craft want to find out who they should thank: Butterfly says ‘Frank the mad genius’.

Frank takes Fargrim’s bag of Sarin crystals, struggle, and teleported to Sarin. Bear teleports rest to Sarin and the info comes out that Sarin’s family is still alive. He leaves and is pissed. Fargrim TPs all back to bridge of the ship. Discussion about where to find Sarin and what he is doing. Fargrim melts in searing pain and disappears – TP’d back to the shadow realm and tortured by Sarin!! AHHHHHH!!!

Ship is parked near monastery where Sarin’s son is being kept safely inside. Frank invents a means to locate Sarin, save Fargrim, and all confront him with his wife. Sarin is angry that the truth was kept from him and that he was deceived. Sarin leaves after confronting her.

Fargrim forms another portal to the real world, surrounded by death crystals, go up to city and all are panicked. A god storm is near and destroying area near monastery. Monks are being torn to shreds by the storm while Sarin absorbs all death energy and power from the ‘mind of the world’!

Sae’ `11111`UI`


mmillhollen Reliquary

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