Madness Ensues

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After waking the humans on the ship, the members of the party present (that is to say, minus Fargrim) discussed what to do with the people and the ship, expressing concern of what Sarin would do with the knowledge of their existence. The woman took exception to being talked about, and as the party included her in the conversation, explaining the situation and the amount of time they had been asleep, it occurred to them that Sarin came from a crashed ship as well. They asked the woman if she knew of a Sarin from their ship, and she said that there was a Sarin who was a pilot on their ship, and that it was her husband and the child’s father. (BUM BUM BUUUUM) She insisted that Sarin was a kind man who would never do such things, and therefore it must be a different Sarin.

Merida and Naris (the woman and child) listened as the entire tale was told, about Sarin’s trek from the ship and his failure. Grizzly said “Wow, your dad’s a real dick” and Butterfly calmed the situation down. Bear’s presence was requested to discuss what to do with the group, as well as answer some questions about Frank’s involvement and purpose here, as Lini had said that Frank had been brought to where he needed to be. Bear passed the buck (no pun intended) to the Great Stag, and so the Great Stag was summoned, though appearing as a radiant butterfly. The Stag admitted that yes, he had in fact kept Lini alive in order to fulfill the purpose of bringing Frank to the ship. He implied that it might have been related to the power source, but was evasive on that point.

The Stag was informed of the woman and child and their relation to Sarin. Further plans were discussed, and worry was expressed over Sarin attempting to leave the planet on the ship, and what such a departure of power might do to the world. Frank asked for some flowers from the Stag, looking for a quick power source to bring ship’s records back online without engaging the full power source. The power source appeared to be something that ran on the energy of the Universe itself, which mystified all present. The Stag also admitted that he did not know of Lini’s Tinker curse being lifted, and said that such a thing was unlikely to be an accident or side effect. Frank insisted that the curse’s origin was divine, and therefore removing it would have to be divine, at which point he ran off furiously.

Upon getting the logs online, Frank discovered that the ship had actually been descending without issue until it was hit by a sudden and massive electrical storm. Reasoning that turning on the power no longer seemed dangerous, he repaired and activated the power of the ship itself. As it came back online, an audible groan filled the ship, and a face appeared on every monitor, even pushing its way out of the one in front of Frank. It was the Captain of the ship, and he demanded that all leave his ship. As Frank tried to deactivate the ship again and the others raced to the bridge, in discourse with the Captain the entire way, they discovered that the Captain is just a ghost who had merged with the ship somehow on the bridge, that he believed the crew was still alive, that very little time had passed, and that he had gone quite mad. Butterfly’s diplomacy attempts were thwarted one by one by Grizzly’s battle cries and intimidation attempts in another room. Various bits of debris, detritus and toilet seats fly around and attack the party. Butterfly eventually manages to deflate the situation, explaining that the ship is protected by the gods, giving him a flower. When he accepts it, his ghost accepts peace and passes on.

As the survey the ship for damage, Grizzly discovers a metal man, surprisingly not deeming it an abomination. The robot is active, though damaged, but this does not stop Grizzly from using it to play a prank on Frank, instructing the robot to tell Frank he is his father. Frank almost falls for it, but as he glances on the horizon, he sees an unnaturally humongous storm approaching. Despite the damage that would be done to the ship, the party decides to fly the ship away, remembering how the ship crashed in the first place.

Sy recalls a legend of a massive storm elemental called The Devourer, whose only goal is to eat large energy sources. As the party retreats in the ship as fast as possible without hitting any flying animals on the way. Mysteriously, a group of air elementals assist in the escape, and the party gets the ship to the Monks with only one minor splat along the way. The Monks succeed in driving off the elemental, but are none to happy with the group for bringing such a large target to their doorstep. They are not certain what to do with the ship either, but they ask that the party helps to defuse a nearby diplomatic situation while they work on a solution.

The party heads to a nearby insect village, where a bear and an anteater are being held and accused of eating many insects, even after the Insect Ascension. The bear is completely unrepentant, laughing mercilessly at the wheedley-voiced ant prosecutor, while the anteater at least realizes how much trouble he is in and tries to beg off and swear off. In an attempt to give the insects a method to show strength but not create martyrs, Frank invents a shock collar that will punish the wearer if they ever tried to attack an insect, and offering that they should protect the village. He tested it on himself and nearly died from the overload.

The bear resists this, and Grizzly steps up to his defense, saying that this is not how the Law of Nature works. He insists that there is nothing natural about this, that there is no accounting for strength and superiority in such a thing. One small speck of an insect steps up, offering a one-on-one challenge, a fight to the death with the bear. The bear accepts, and as he looks to begin the fight, he begins itching his ear. The bear dies slowly in agony, screaming for 20 minutes as the insect burrows through his ear, into his brain, killing him from the inside. The anteater gladly accepts the collar.

Grizzly offers final warning, saying that the animal kingdom will not accept these actions lightly. The bugs become noticeably upset and ask the party to leave, but Butterfly again defuses the situation as best as possible, staying behind as the party leaves to spread the word of the Great Stag.


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