To the End of the Underworld

Beetle horde

The group discussed their distrust of Saren’s puppet, Fargrim, while the Fiery Dwarf was off “visiting his temples” via the strangely evil shadow-teleporting powers he now possessed. The plotting (and Frank’s womanly gossip) was interrupted when they happened upon an animal caravan with its inhabitants apparently murdered.

Sy’Vah-esh and Frank proceed farther down the path to investigate some of the corpses. They found strange wounds on all of the victims. Frank and Grizzly dug into the wounds to discover that organs were missing, but Grizzly made note of the fact that the flesh still tasted good.

Soon thereafter the group was confronted by a beetle on the ground who confessed—eventually—to taking part in the murder of the entire caravan. In an even shorter amount of time legions of insects began to gather and surround the corpses which the group was beginning to investigate.

The beetles seemed intent on enjoying fresh meat, but through diplomacy, the Butterfly was able to convince them to allow her to meet with their queen. During said meeting, the beetle queen accepted the Butterfly’s offer to use the summoned “Earth Meat” instead of continuing to consume “live” creatures.

Meanwhile, Frank avoided conversing with the insect horde and focused on creating random inventions. Grizzly, on the other hand, decided to debate with the insects on the philosophy of the predator and the hunt. Fortunately for all, the Butterfly returned with an agreement from the queen beetle to sustain their masses on this alternate form of sustenance before Grizzly’s banter escalated into a full-on battle.

The group continued onward into the beautiful forest, complete with ancient trees reaching toward the heavens. This time their peace was disturbed by a low rumble in the distance. Glancing back in the direction they had come from, the low rumble quickly turned into an incredibly loud shaking of the earth accompanied by a mind-shattering feeling of pain.

Frank once again began constructing random contraptions. In an unexpected twist, he actually used his invention! It allowed him to tunnel into the ground so that he and the Butterfly might be able to use their healing powers to stop this unknown creature. The burrowing creature picked up speed quickly, forcing the two to pursue at breakneck speeds. Eventually the two were queued in to the fact that they remembered feeling this sort of mental power when they were faced with the Guardian of the Underworld.

Frank and the Butterfly pushed themselves to the limits, but their effort was not enough. Their healing powers didn’t have enough of an effect and eventually the Guardian of the Underworld’s rampage came to an end with a final burst of mental imagery: A huge soul crystal stood erect within the chamber of the Earth’s Mind for the Butterfly, while Frank saw a small one secreted away in a beautiful, but tiny cavern. Immediately following this final image, a huge pillar of blackness bursts into the sky.

Their dismay pushed them onward, toward their next goal: the highly sophisticated spacecraft.

Lini wasted away once they reached the ship. The mighty Bear Spirit appears suddenly and begins to console the sorrowful Frank.

The group decided to awaken both the female pilot and child from stasis. After having done so, they discussed whether or not Sarin should be made aware by either letting Fargrim know of the new discovery or keeping it secret.


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