Fargrim, Lord of Magnimar - High Cleric of the Grinning God


STR 3, STA 5, FGT 3, AGI 0, DEX 1, INT 0, AWE 2, PRE 1

  • Dodge +8
  • Parry +8
  • Fort +12
  • Will +8
  • Tough +12

Skills: Athletics +6, Insight +14, Persuasion +13, Vehicles +3.
Advantages: All-Out Attack, Assessment, Benefit (Lord High Cleric) 2, Connected, Diehard, Equipment 3, Favored Environment: Heat, Fearless, Improved Critical (Maul of Volcanic Fury) 2, Luck 2, Power Attack.

Powers: Death Spells (Flame Strike, Inferno, Shackles of the Unbound, Wall of Fire), Maul of Volcanic Fury (Hammer Throw/Anvil Smash), Race: Azer (Azer Sight, Beard Light, Forgeborn, Fury of the Forge, Hardy), Shadow Spells (Seek the Unseen, Shadow Armor, Shadow Gate, Shadow’s Call).

Equipment: Large Steel Shield, Plate Mail, Warhammer.
Languages Common, Dwarf, Giant, Ignan.


“Long, long ago an ancient Dwarf empire fell to the ravages of flame and shackles from another world. Taken from the prime material they were tempered and reforged in fire, suffering, and pain. For thousands of years they struggled. What emerged was no longer Dwarf, no longer of the mortal realm. Long since burned away, flame emerged where beard and hair once were. Bloodlines now saturated with the element of fire. Wreathed in flame the Azer emerged from the obscurity of slavery and toil, to beat back their masters and retake their freedom! To forge a new destiny!”

A loud snore emanated from the back of the hall interrupting the elder-ash azer instructor’s history lesson. With each exhale Fargrim’s tiny beard fluttered like a candle wick.

“Master Magnimar!” A stone book slammed into the instructor’s desk with a loud crack that startled Fargrim causing him to slam his boots onto the floor and brandish a small half-moon axe.

“Master Magnimar! If you are quite through, take your seat and begin reciting the ballad of the Three Trials of the Forge!”

Fargrim stumbled over the words as he began to recite them. The elder-ash paced down the aisle, snatching the half-moon axe that Fargrim still fumbled to put away. The hollow echo of the past faded as the roaring sound of a thudding engine cranked into view.

A large tank pulverized stone as it drove through the archway out of Magnimar on patrol. As only one of two citadels founded, Magnimar was also the only trade post the fledgling Azer empire had established with the surface world.


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