Grizzly Winterhill

Goliath Barbarian Chieftain


Grizzly is a steampunk war machine, without the punk… or steam. Well, he doesn’t really like machines at all either, especially Frank’s abominations of nature. But as barbarian, Grizzly can funnel his anger towards his enemies, demoralizing the teammates of the guys he skewers with his long spear or beheads with his greataxe.


Grizzly Winterhill grew up in a community of nomad goliaths, following herds of elk and other game on their natural migration patterns. Life was simple and stable, but over the years he could see sprawling humanoid settlements sinking their roots into Mother Earth, and growing tall as in defiance to Father Sky. He decided to investigate and had to save the tinker gnome Frank from an oncoming explosion of nature. As he expected, the greed of humans and their wizards had upset the balance of nature.

Feeling compassion for the creatures, he decided to help them recover. But it seemed the possession of material things and power blindsided them of the main enemy, nature’s wrath. HE felt betrayed by the creatures he wanted to help, and now believes it is better to leave evolution wipe out those who play with fire, and reward those who survive it.

To prove himself, he went to wrestle his spirit bear as his rite of passage into manhood. With his bear at his side, he received the blessing of the tribe elder to marry his childhood friend New Moon Daughter of Great Twin Milky Moons.

Over the course of his adventures, a longing for the old ways and his people’s traditions had made him more attuned with the predator inside him.

Grizzly Winterhill

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