Rise and Fall of Death and Undeath

Butterfly God and/or Goddess

Butterfly god

Butterfly goes to the monks to warn them about the new bug colony, so they can teach them the earth meal ritual. Afterwards, she finds a suicidal moth with a birth defect, and tries to convert his into the Stag’s religion. It declines and suffers until his death, but is resurrected from Butterfly’s magical tears, without defects.

Grizzly Winterhill is bothered by the current state of affairs and goes with the group to talk to the monks. He complains about the insects rising in millions and disrupting the balance of the world. Frank however points out that the world is now more like the predator-prey state that Grizzly prefers. He acknowledges this, but he is torn between having to leave to the wildlands to follow his way of life, or staying with his friends and be judged in a land that prohibits carnivorous eating.

Meanwhile, huge consequences occur from Butterfly’s actions. She hears the prayers of some insect child praying for her mom to come back from the dead. Butterfly panics about the implications.

In the meantime, Frank had been listening to voices in his head. They finally coalesce into Lini’s voice, complaining about not finding her tools in the darkness. Apparently the death of the Underworld lord has unbalanced the rules of death in unknown ways. Frank decides to modify an old contraption of his to locate undead spirits, but instead embeds it with summoning magic. An eclipse occurs to the moon and spirits begin to rise from the ground, angry spirits! Frank franktically tries to reverse the process while Sy’Vah-esh and Grizzly Winterhill try to protect him. A dark face appears on the moon and mocks the group as it attacks with his undead. Franks unfortunately fails to fix his contraption and Sy’Vah-esh uses his wind powers to sweep everyone away from the ground. Fargrim channels one of his crystals from Sarin into his hammer and hurls it into the darkness, absorbing it.

Meanwhile (again), as the darkness disappears, the insect colony is saved too. For better or worse the insects praise the holiness and benevolence of Butterfly. Oh yeah, and also her lowly assistant, The Great Stag.

The next day, the monks call an emergency meeting. The Devourer has noticed the electrical energy coming from the technologically-advanced animal city and is headed that way. The party flies there in the spaceship, and during the transit time Frank invents an undeath ray-gun, out of Fargrim’s death crystal that had absorbed the undead moon monstrosity. They intercept the Devourer before it arrives to the city, and Frank fires his undeath gun. The Devourer howls in pain, but Frank keeps firing while Sy’Vah-esh uses gusts of wind to keep his gun from overheating, but it eventually starts melting and the pain makes Frank unconscious.

Death Ray

Death ray

Grizzly Winterhill believes that they need to keep firing or else The Devourer will regain its strength. Seeing no other alternatives, he cuts Frank’s arm open in order to swap the his life crystal for the undead crystal. However from the flesh wound he can not see the life crystal, it seems the life crystal has been absorbed leaving behind an empty socket. Grizzly puts the undeath crystal in, and Frank wakes up immediately. He shoots down The Devourer but does not stop until it is dead and disintegrated forever.

Frank starts acting out of character, and Grizzly and Sy’Vah-esh get worried and try to talk him into voluntarily removing the crystal, but he refuses. Grizzly attacks with a punch to make him unconscious, but new vigor in Frank allows him to dodge easily. Frank however can now see Lini, and starts talking to her. She is bound in place around Fargrim, and the tinker gnome demands to know what sorcery he is using. Fargrim replies that he doesn’t know, but it is not clear what the intentions of the two are anymore.


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